The tutorial is held at Room 5 in the Annex Building of Nara Kasugano International Forum.

Wednesday, October 5

Time Presentations / Speakers
08:30 – Registration at Entrance Hall in the Annex Building
09:00-12:00 Tutorial 1:
Introduction to OpenMP Device Constructs, James Beyer (NVIDIA)* Tom Scogland and Bronis R. de Supinski (LLNL)
*(cancelled due to flight issues)

Abstract: This tutorial will begin with an introduction of the OpenMP Device Constructs. After introducing the directives and their purpose, several programming examples will be presented and discussed. These examples will be presented with two goals. The first goal will be to show the differences between 4.0 and 4.5. The second goal will be to show the process of moving from a host only code to a code that runs well on at least one architecture.

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12:00-13:30 Lunch (at Cafe Half Time in NARA National Museum in the first basement) [Route]
13:30-17:00 Tutorial 2:
Tasking and NUMA-Aware Programming, Christian Terboven and Dirk Schmidl (RWTH Aachen)

Abstract: Traditionally OpenMP was focused on loop level parallelism and had no notion of affinity. In this tutorial we will present how OpenMP has evolved with respect to these limitations in the past years. The task construct was added in version 3.0 to allow the easy use of OpenMP for more dynamic algorithms and it was later extended by missing features like dependencies and the taskloop construct. Furthermore affinity support was added in OpenMP to provide a better control of the placement of OpenMP threads on modern hardware. In the tutorial we will present all these features and show how they can be applied in code examples. To complement the device centric tutorial in the morning, this tutorial will purely focus on host centric features of OpenMP.

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